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Biotest Dreieich

Safe manufacture of medicines at Biotest thanks to extensive access control.

Michael Lapa - Director Corporate Center Facility Management

“As a whole, the solution was able to cover the various and demanding requirements. Moreover, an extensive one-stop-shop portfolio was available,”

General building data

Address: Landsteinstr. 5/ 63303 Dreieich

Biotest AG Dreiech

A worldwide provider of plasma protein products and biotherapeutic medicines. Biotest develops and markets immunoglobulins, coagulation factors and albumins, which are produced based on human blood plasmas. Biotest obtains this plasma in its own collection centres in Europe and the US. Donation and further processing are subject to strict safety specifications and regulations. Biotest products save lives and give the chronically ill a new outlook. The company employs over 2,500 staff members worldwide, 1,080 of them at the headquarters in Dreieich. Furthermore, it is represented by its own sales companies and cooperating partners worldwide.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba

  • Protection of security areas
  • Zone monitoring
  • Lift control
  • Electronic locker locks
  • Control of turnstiles, barriers, doors and airlocks using ID card readers, biometric systems or a long-range solution

dormakaba’s solution

Based on a detailed security concept, protection was provided for accessing the company premises by car as well as for foot access to the properties with sliding gates and barrier systems using a long-range solution as well as pedestrian flow control with access readers. Even when driving up to the new Biotest car park, employees must identify themselves with a Legic employee ID card. The building entrances and areas requiring special protection such as S1, S2 and S3 laboratories, cleanrooms and datacentres are secured with online access readers and fingerprint terminals. A total of over 400 entrances are secured online. Add to this 660 entrances including container units, offices and lockers equipped with offline components, c-lever fittings or digital cylinders. In the new building, beautiful colour lockers have been set up for the production staff. These are secured with locker locks. Furthermore, approximately 1,400 mechanical locking cylinders have be equipped at doors to technical areas and the like. It’s not only the company’s staff but also external employees, such as cleaning personnel, who have their own ID cards with the necessary access permissions. External employees who do not have a permanent ID card receive a daily ID card with the relevant access permissions. Biotest has comprehensively secured its premises and its buildings with this access control solution.


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