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AIDAnova Clubschiff

A new generation of ships with the latest technology on board is picking up steam. 

General building data

Address: AIDA Cruises, Am Strande 3d, 18055 Rostock

AIDAnova Clubschiff

The name AIDAnova stands for innovation in a number of ways. The AIDAnova is the first cruise ship in the world to be fuelled entirely by environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas (LNG). This innovative propulsion system reduces emissions and contributes to AIDA’s Green Cruising concept. Guests can enjoy new and innovative service, catering and entertainment concepts. 17 restaurants offer a wide variety of culinary treats and gourmet highlights. In addition, the 23 bars on the AIDAnova offer a huge selection of beverages. The large Body & Soul Organic Spa wellness area with saunas, treatment rooms for a wide range of spa treatments, and a generous sun deck with three outdoor Jacuzzis invites guests to unwind and relax. Cruise guests can choose between 20 different cabin categories. Whether family or double cabins, new specially designed single cabins, premium, junior or penthouse suites – on the AIDAnova, everyone is sure to find their perfect home away from home.

The customer’s requirement for dormakaba:

  • contactless, hygienic opening and closing of interior and exterior doors
  • barrier-free access to certain areas, such as restaurants and restrooms
  • functionality guaranteed at all times at exterior doors with special climate requirements (wind, sea water)
  • state-of-the-art technology and appealing design

dormakaba solution for AIDAnova

Thanks to the use of automatic sliding doors, the interior of the ship appears spacious and is bathed in light. The doors also maintain a comfortable climate by keeping out unpleasant drafts. In the restaurants and bars, single- and double-leaf sliding doors offer access to the different areas. Where space is at a premium, telescopic sliding doors are an ideal solution. The public restrooms are also equipped with automatic sliding doors for barrier-free access.

The salty air and wind on the high seas make for special climate-related requirements. To satisfy the high demands placed on the roughly 50 exterior doors, dormakaba developed a special operator version, the ES 200 SWR (sea water resistant). This variant is perfectly suited for use on the high seas. V4A materials were chosen to address the particular rigours of ocean climates. The doors’ electric control units offer an IP class for protection against heavy seas. The control unit is located inside the operator housing and does not need an additional switch cabinet somewhere else on the ship. Other modifications of the sea water resistant version of the ES 200 SWR make it easy to install, flexible, and guarantee lasting functional reliability even under high wind loads.

Guests should feel entirely comfortable in their cabins and suites. The doors and walls were designed with premium glass and stainless steel materials. About 3,000 elegant and high-quality corner fittings complete the many all-glass doors. The curved shape of the dormakaba STUDIO Arcos glass door fitting complements the harmonious symbiosis of functionality and design on bathroom and dressing room doors.

Overall, the access solutions by dormakaba underscore the feel-good atmosphere for guests by providing comfort, design and functional reliability, and at the same time ensure smooth and unhindered movement for the crew on board.


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