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Transport & Logistics: Departure points and destinations

Transport buildings, e.g. train stations, are the business cards of a town: they provide travellers with their first impression of a place.

These transport buildings have special requirements of their own, i.e. the architecture must be as attractive as possible, access should be convenient, and security is of course a huge concern.

Reliable and user-friendly

Entrances and exits in transport buildings in particular are subject to strict requirements, and need to satisfy a wide range of requirements: management of high footfall, good thermal insulation, attractive design, and of course accessible passage with luggage, wheelchairs or pushchairs.

dormakaba offers a variety of smart, reliable access systems. They offer the user comfort and allow smooth pedestrian flow with a high frequency of passage. Quick opening and closing of door leaves reduces energy loss to a minimum. Our many years of experience in developing and installing access control systems mean we can provide for efficient pedestrian passage, enhanced security and a pleasant journey.


  • Train station solutions – train station security
    Optimal solutions for a smooth flow of pedestrians.
  • Shop
    Well-designed, high-quality door solutions.
  • Duty Free
    Creative solutions for individual requirements.
  • Accessible toilet facilities
    Convenient and secure.
  • Escape route
    Permanently locked or centrally monitored doors, tailored according to requirements.