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Sport & Culture: attractive and with high visitor numbers

Openness and attractiveness lies at the heart of sports venues, theatres, concert halls and other event locations. They invite patrons to come and enjoy themselves, and regularly draw large numbers of visitors, so they require highly efficient and secure access solutions.

Secure and visitor-friendly

The demands on event locations pose ever-greater challenges. Not only must event organisers control the flow of visitors, but they must also fulfil increasingly strict security requirements. Nonetheless, access should remain quick and visitor-friendly.

dormakaba offers secure yet comfortable solutions for stadia and events venues. Our many years of experience in developing and installing access control systems enables us to provide enhanced security and efficient visitor management. 


  • Interior entrance
    Secure solution, quick to open in the event of danger.
  • VIP box
    Glass sliding door fittings, stylish and very practical.
  • Changing rooms
    Access for authorised persons only.
  • Sanitary facilities
    Comfortable and secure access.
  • Underground car park
    Securely closed escape route into the building. Easy to open in the event of danger.
  • External escape route
    Wide-opening doors which close according to insurance requirements.