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Government & Administration: high footfall and at high risk

Government and administrative buildings represent attractive targets for attack, and must therefore be subject to special protection. This situation demands highly sensitive and secure access solutions which allow unhindered visitor access, whilst at the same time guaranteeing controlled high-level security.

Publicly accessible and in need of protection

The security of public buildings is under greater threat today than even just a few years ago. Government and administrative buildings should always be open and accessible to citizens, but must at the same time be equipped to prevent attacks. Secure access controls, which must nevertheless be quick and user-friendly, are required.

dormakaba offers secure yet comfortable solutions for government, administration and other public buildings. Many years of experience in developing and installing access control systems and specialist customer service mean we can ensure enhanced security, efficient visitor footfall and accessibility to citizens.


  • Main entrance
    Accessible entry by day and secure anti-burglar protection at night.
  • Stairwell
    Automatically closing fire protection door.
  • Security area
    Authorised access only.
  • Security interlock
    The secure way.
  • Technology room
    Protection against unauthorised access.