Versatile accessibility
How is my investment in an office building secure? With sustainable systems, safe for the future.

Versatile accessibility

The legal requirements for accessibility is a chance to ensure that everyone in the office is achieving their full potential. In an intelligent overall system, doors can be opened for every requirement and every movement.

Your solution

Office buildings are where people and ideas come together. Practical accessibility is therefore a productivity factor. We have the right accessible solution for every situation. Even those that solve two problems at once. For example, heavy fire protection doors with revolving door mechanisms can offer maximum safety while still being easy to open. We implement legal requirements in a practical way: we not only fulfil DIN SPEC 1104 and DIN 18040, but go even further with high aesthetic standards. For example, our accessible technology is also featured in our elegant sliding rail door closers. Our sophisticated mechanism: EASY OPEN. We would be happy to support you with the planning and execution.

Versatile accessibility
Simply effective:

  • Broad, varied portfolio of smart accessible products.
  • Doors are easy to open with tried-and-tested EASY OPEN technology.
  • Accessibility and user-friendliness as a comfort feature for everyone.

  • Innovative solution concepts according to legal regulations and standards.