Room design in office buildings
What is it in office buildings that brings productivity and creativity together? Varied and inspiring room systems.

Room design in office buildings

An attractive atmosphere is motivating. For visitors, a bright ambiance simply feels friendlier. On the different floors, transparent and flexible room systems create the ideal environment for more productivity and creativity.

Your solution

Employee productivity increases every day. This is based on communication, a creative atmosphere, short pathways and feeling at home in the office. Precisely this is what flexible glass systems can provide. Design is part of the function: Flexibility and fixed structures alike influence work processes. After all, in open plan offices, conference rooms, lounges and communication islands, employees want to feel at home. To achieve this, we offer functional and flexible glass systems. Transparent walls can be used to create structured units in large rooms, depending on space, demand and requirements. The interior design grows with the company.


Room design in office buildings
Simply effective:

  • Creative, modern spaces, thanks to contemporary, design-oriented solutions.
  • Holistic, sophisticated design and high-quality materials.
  • Efficient and simply management processes for components and media.
  • Smooth and space-saving transitions between functional areas with elegant and efficient sliding door systems.
  • Wide variety of structuring options with optional sound insulation, electrification and other additions.
  • Transparent and flexible room divisions with horizontal glass sliding walls.
  • Functional, subtle and elegant: fittings for all-glass systems in different materials and colours to suit all kinds of architecture.