Property protection/High-security areas
How do I protect our expertise without restricting productivity? With modular access solutions for more security.

Property protection

Large companies tend to have many different buildings across a wide area. Sensitive areas have to be secured well before the structure of the actual building. The diverse movements of people require integrated management.

Your solution

When producing valuable goods, none of the external areas around the production site should be unsecured. Entire work shifts of hundreds of employees have to be able to come and go. Opt for an intelligent solution: high-quality turnstiles combined with digital access management.
We offer tried-and-tested systems, continuously developed for all applications. Access management also includes real hardware, e.g. the Kentaur turnstile, wirelessly and digitally integrated in the fence system. Additional entry control in the fence system keeps every entry under control. With our reliable technology, which can be adapted precisely to your needs, your access management system will function simply and efficiently.


Property protection
Simply effective:

  • Software-based control over additional vehicle entries to the external grounds, such as barrier control, car parks or underground garages, combined with a central entry control system.
  • Central entry control system for constant oversight in real time
  • Modular access components that can be seamlessly integrated in the property structure and work organisation
  • Reliable grounds security with integrated turnstiles in the fence system
  • Accessible, convenient access to the premises, combined with simple entry control