Indoor security
How can I manage access processes and time recording systematically and clearly? With smart solutions integrated into the working environment.

Indoor security

Comprehensive control of access rights provides security. We combine door and locking components with the right software to provide an access management solution for all visitors and employees at all times.

Your solution

People in offices have different paths, goals, activities and authorisations. A lot can change in the course of a day. Only a comprehensive access management system can provide order and oversight. For example, this lets you distinguish between your employees and employees of external companies. Visitors can be given access to only certain areas. Knowledge and confidentiality is allocated to the appropriate individuals. Access management can be adapted to your specific requirements with different software solutions and integrated mechanical, electro-mechanical and digital components. Depending on the size of the company and demand, we offer modular, coordinated access solutions, ranging from offline solutions to connected systems, and even Cloud-based SAP applications.


Indoor security
Simply effective:

  • Modular access control solutions for different company sizes and needs – offline, connected or Cloud-based.
  • Scalable and integrated modules for media management, visitor management, car park management, operating data collection, time logging – even for external employees – and other applications.
  • Efficient and simply management processes for components and media.
  • Wide variety of access components, from mechanical locking systems to mechatronic locking devices and electronic fittings, cylinders and readers.
  • Different media in the same system: ID cards, mechanical keys, smart keys, smartphones and more.
  • Simple integration of all access processes and time recording in the existing management environment of the HR department.