Property protection/High-security areas
How do I protect our expertise without restricting productivity? With modular access solutions for more security

High-security areas

Sensitive company values are better protected by a combination of smart software and hard materials. Today, optical sensors protect the mechanisms of revolving doors.

Your solution

Secure access, even without staff: The Geryon revolving security door places limits exactly where you need them, thanks to monitoring by optical sensors. The slim profile and high transparency of the glass elements make a welcoming impression on visitors. High security is perfectly integrated. On a moderate security level, the entrant uses the card reader or a code on the control panel. If the company requires higher security than average, biometric identification systems can be integrated digitally, installed in front of the entrance. In addition, the door can be extended with a contact mat, scale or interior monitoring system. Anti-intruder certifications and bulletproof variations are also possible.


High-security areas
Simply effective:

  • Maximum security for sensitive areas with high security requirements
  • Different security levels individually available
  • From authorising employees purely with card readers or keypads, to verifying identity with biometric systems inside safety gates
  • Combination of security gates with access media
  • High transparency, thanks to glass elements
  • Variety of surfaces and colours for metal parts
  • Quiet, low-noise operation and low space requirements
  • User-friendly passage