Hallways and passageways
What will help me to mount entrances in office buildings precisely and easily? Easy-to-install systems and expert service.

Hallways and passageways

In office buildings with multiple companies, doors have to combine different functions and safety requirements: separation between areas, emergency exit possibilities, fire safety in passageways and more.

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Multi-storey office properties with multiple companies require versatile door systems. Multiple functions have to ensure the connection and separation of different areas via elevators, stairwells and corridors. For example, the heavy fire doors at the end of the corridors also have to be accessible and close automatically in an emergency. To achieve this, we offer tried-and-tested locking mechanisms, like revolving door mechanisms and electromagnetic door-holding devices. Even intermediate doors between multiple sections of a rented building are made more secure by integrated entry control: Here, wall readers or electronic fittings can be used to control who is allowed to enter.

In certain situations, bi-directional escape routes are essential to survival – especially when a door divides one floor of an office into two. Every area needs to be protected, meaning an emergency escape route may lead through an area rented by another company. By equipping entrances with emergency exit security systems, it is possible to ensure that these connecting corridor doors remain locked, but are released in the event of an emergency. A good escape route security system makes both possible.


Hallways and passageways
Simply effective:

  • Versatile solution portfolio to secure buildings and doors, and to manage the movement of people, all from a single source.
  • Intelligent door systems to comply with smoke and fire safety regulations and accessible building standards. A concept for the free movement of visitors.
  • Innovative escape route security system for a quick escape in the event of an emergency and prevention of unauthorised access – modular, expandable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Compact wall readers and electronic fittings for granting access to different entrances to the building, elevators, stairwells and floors.