Controlled vehicle access/Controlled access to the employee office
How is access to the office building made secure, transparent and simple? With integrated solutions that do all the work for me.

Controlled vehicle access

Securely manage company car parks: These spaces are usually limited and are used by visitors, suppliers and employees all at once. We provide oversight, an efficient flow of traffic and security.

Your solution

Every entry under control. Who arrives on the premises by vehicle? Are there more vehicles than available parking spaces? Empty parking spaces accrue costs. Better then would be the intelligent linking of entry control and car park occupancy in one system. Granting access is very simple: all that’s needed to enter is to hold an authorised universal access card to the reader. The data of entrants is linked to data in the system. This enables multiple uses of a car park. Comprehensive and secure.

Authorisation of supplier traffic is fast and responsive, and is controlled by a wide-range reader at the barrier. The authorised supplier is identifiable by a transponder behind the windscreen.


Controlled vehicle access
Simply effective:

  • Car park and visitor management as an additional module in the entry control system.
  • Car park occupancy according to a timetable.
  • Increased utilisation of existing parking spaces.
  • Automatable supplier traffic, thanks to wide-range reader.
  • Central data processing for analysis and planning.