Controlled vehicle access/Controlled access to the employee office
How is access to the office building made secure, transparent and simple? With integrated solutions that do all the work for me.

Controlled access to the employee office

The office space is extremely valuable to employees: This is where knowledge, confidential information, reports, planning data, software and hardware is pooled. Access to it therefore has to be protected.

Your solution

When the doors open automatically in the foyer via a sensor-controlled security gate, it has a friendly, personalised effect, in many locations throughout the building. Employees retain the authorisation to open doors themselves: cards, chips, electronic keys or smartphones are available as options in our system solutions. The access rights and profiles of employees are individually assigned. Employees can only access the employee office using their access cards. When changing department or job title, their access rights change too in every detail. Controlled, secure and individual.


Controlled access to the employee office
Simply effective:

  • Elegant entry control with electronic fittings and readers.
  • Wirelessly transfer access rights to the doors.
  • Combinable mechatronic and electronic access systems.
  • Flexibly adjustable time and room-dependent access profiles.