Building security
How do I build offices that inspire the next generation? With expertise that grows with each task.

Building security

An office building must be open to the future and needs to be secured against risks for precisely this reason. Every detail of the work environment is important, starting with the entrances and reception.

Building types

  • Hospital
  • Retirement home
  • Medical centre
  • Nursing homes

Your solution

More control for coming and going at all entrances: be it for office sharing, medium-sized companies or global corporations. Secure, attractive and energy-efficient main entrances need new door systems, like the thermally insulated FLEX Green profile system. For building entrances of limited width, folding wing doors ensure the ideal emergency exit route width. Access management in the entrance area can be both automatic and friendly – with the design-oriented Argus sensor passage – for a convenient, contactless entry via a sensor-monitored entrance. Secure systems are no longer a foreign body; they are an aesthetic part of the architecture.
Be it turnstiles, sliding doors or gates – our systems blend seamlessly into the architecture in accordance with standards: compliant emergency exit and escape route technology is subtly integrated. For a relaxed future.


Building security
Simply effective:

  • Securing of entrances, including control and management of all entrances to your facility
  • Entry systems with tested anti-burglary and anti-vandalism protection with a subtle appearance
  • Aesthetically pleasing, energy-saving building security with automated entry systems to protect the building interior against drafts, noise and pollution.
  • Enhanced thermal insulation with slimmer profiles of different entry systems.
  • Compact entry solutions for limited building space.
  • Certification for ecological construction
  • Software-based control of security-relevant doors via modular access management systems for the allocation of access rights.