Accessible WCs
How can office buildings be long-lasting, but also versatile? With system solutions that are both durable and innovative.

Accessible WCs

Accessibility to sanitary areas is essential. We offer well-conceived solutions, even for limited space: Smart revolving door and sliding door mechanisms create a new comfort zone.

Your solution

Sanitary rooms are often narrow. Compact technology enables automatic doors while maintaining maximum space for passing through. For every room situation, we offer adaptable solutions in slim designs for revolving and sliding doors that are both automated and virtually silent. Intuitive operation with the highest standards in design: A door with SoftMotion technology by CS 80 Magneo opens and closes with only a soft touch – the door stops immediately and returns to the starting position. Between entering and leaving the WC, all movements have to run smoothly; the door should open quickly and close securely.


Accessible WCs
Simply effective:

  • Simple, accessible convenience with WC solutions for sliding and revolving doors
  • Can be connected to existing conventional doors, and therefore especially well-suited for conversions
  • Increased security in private spaces
  • Wide variety of possible applications, be it compact sliding doors or revolving doors
  • Modular construction system with coordinated functions
  • Easy installation
  • Elegant, compact design, thanks to a slim, linear construction