Office buildings
Security for successful work. Intelligent access solutions for every office building.


The door is open to new goals. Every company has to think of tomorrow. How much and what kind of space does it need in one year? What kind of working environment is required? How does the company envision its future? Offices need flexibility, with transformable room concepts, communication islands, directed lighting, free movement and secured entrances. We combine openness and security in our door and room systems for small businesses and start-ups, as well as for agencies and medium-sized businesses, authorities and large companies. We have concepts for a designable future.

Solutions for your office building:

Property protection:
Increased security for your building by securing the external grounds.

Controlled vehicle access, car park management and delivery traffic:
Management of passenger and delivery traffic, as well as car parking.

Building security:
Controlling the main entrance, side entrances and the movement of people.

High security:
Increased protection of entrances and security-related areas.

Indoor security:
Intelligent access management for employees and visitors.

Hallways and passageways:
Securing of entrances with different security requirements.

Access to employee office:
Systematic control via demand-based access authorisation.

Room design in office buildings:
Creative, modern spaces, thanks to contemporary, design-oriented solutions.

Versatile Accessibility:
Varied portfolio of acces¬sible solutions

Accessible WCs:
Automated door systems for increased convenience.

Our range of services, from planning to maintenance of access systems.

BIM All Doors:
The universal access configurator for easy door planning.

Outstanding sustainability:
Economically designed systems for the long-term future.