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Industry & Production: effective and secure

Security plays a major role in industry. Certain sensitive areas of the company, such as research and development, must especially be protected. This requires an effective access control system which not only monitors, but also regulates the flow of people in the organisation; a system which delays authorised persons as little as possible, and can be customised to meet individual needs.

Unique and convenient

The requirements the system must meet are diverse, and the solution must guarantee comfortable, secure access and efficient organisation. To meet this challenge, dormakaba has developed a modular concept which is tailored to the needs of industrial enterprises. It provides security, comfort and organisation, and has already been implemented in many companies.


  • Access to buildings
    Open during working hours, securely closed outside those hours.
  • Access to rooms
    Special solutions for individual requirements.
  • Building entrance area
    Easy to use, quick, secure and energy-efficient.
  • Access to car parks
    Reliable protection for car parks and outdoor facilities.
  • Time and attendance recording
    Professional solutions for all time management needs.
  • Operating data/machine data recording
    Exact figures from the production area.
  • Visitor organisation and administration
    Quick, easy to use, integrated into the access control system.
  • Security for employees’ valuables
    Simple and efficient management of cloakrooms and lockers.
  • Cashless payment
    ID as a charge card.
  • Access to PCs and printers
    Protection against unauthorised access and manipulation.
  • Emergency management
    Effective assembly point solutions.