Spa and fitness studio
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Spa and fitness studio

Hotel guests value their privacy in well-frequented spa and fitness areas too. To achieve this, we combine sophisticated design and security: Sliding walls and electronic locks elegantly divide the space.

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A hotel spa is a sensitive location that is often visited by external customers too. Individual authorization via the room card gives the swimming, massage and yoga facilities a personal touch. Modular room systems lock the rooms and can unlock them as required. Glass elements in a horizontal sliding door system provide natural light in a protected environment. Thanks to the electronic fittings, readers and media, authorization can be granted and easily managed at any time. The hotel operator is always in control of access to the spa area. For hotel guests, a digital access system is simply more convenient. Guests can move freely and effortlessly around the whole hotel. That too is part of the spa experience.


Spa and fitness studio
Simply effective:

  • Elegant and flexible room division with automatic sliding door systems.
  • Acoustically separate and visually connect spaces with transparent room systems and acoustic modules.
  • Valuables kept safe by an electronic locker lock.
  • Comprehensive, user-oriented authorization.

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