Main entrance
How do I delight my guests? With comfort that begins at the entrance.

Main entrance

First impressions count: make it a good one by welcoming guests straight into a pleasant interior with a bright, friendly entrance area. Automatic entrance systems in the lobby ensure a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor and provide a thermal buffer from the outside.

Your solution

Elegant revolution: The revolving door with vestibule solves multiple problems at once. The door is thermally closed while remaining open for guests. Its warm welcome is ideal for large hotels. With swing doors as side entrance, the escape route concept is secured. Automatic sliding doors and curved sliding doors are extremely well-suited as energy-efficient and attractive main entrances for mid-range hotels – a high-quality eyecatcher with fully automated convenience. For budget hotels, high-quality entrance doors are more economic too: a wall reader and electromagnetic locking enable nighttime access without a manned reception. Digitally controlled mechanics are efficient.


Main entrance
Simply effective:

  • Wide variety of entrance systems for every hotel category and architectural style
  • Energy-efficient entrance systems
  • High-quality design and multiple design variants
  • Accessible, fully automated access for greater convenience
  • Long-lasting systems for high-frequency public traffic
  • All from a single source: consulting, planning, implementation and maintenance.

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