Design and convenience for guest rooms
How do I design hotel rooms individually? With contemporary and flexible room systems.

Design and convenience for guest rooms

Our access solutions for guest rooms help your guests feel at home: starting with a gently-closing, low-noise door. A wide variety of glass systems provide structure in the room and create a special atmosphere.

Your solution

Guests should be able to move smoothly and quietly between rooms – and that goes for everyone, regardless of age or disability. Our door closers have perfect manners: Doors close gently behind guests without slamming loudly. In the room, guests in hotels of any size can look forward to a contemporary, practical layout. Even in smaller spaces, a modern, spacious atmosphere is possible if the space is divided into zones for sleeping, working, eating and bathing with innovative room systems. Glass assemblies and sliding walls can create more transparency and connect all the different spaces to each other. Our systems provide new possibilities and a sense of space, light and comfort for every layout.


Design and convenience for guest rooms
Simply effective:

  • Creative, aesthetically pleasing interior design with contemporary systems.
  • Flexible room and sliding door systems for the structured, space-saving division of areas.
  • Gently-closing, low-noise guest room doors, thanks to innovative door closers.
  • Transparency for a bright and friendly atmosphere.
  • Beautiful components in a uniform design style: XEA.

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