Controlled access to the guest room
How do I create hospitality and keep an eye on everything at the same time? With integrated access solutions for increased comfort and security.

Controlled access to the guest room

There should be no irritations on the way to the guest room. Here, guests expect full convenience – without delay. Good for guests and management alike: fewer formalities, no wasted time and more security with our electronic hotel fittings.

Your solution

Even the lock on the door of the hotel room conveys the values of the hotel: Guests can open the door to their room with a card or smartphone and electronic hotel fittings. A welcoming entrance that’s convenient for management too: The access authorization system is now more efficient and user-friendly. Scanning an authorized card on the electronic hotel fitting, like Confidant or Saffire LX, generates trust. The entry control system, featuring contactless RFID technology, is suitable for every hotel: Authorization can be granted regardless of the location of the fittings. There is no need for routing of power cables or data cables. Guests can also access their rooms without a card, thanks to Mobile Access from dormakaba. This provides guests with a virtual key via the app. A hotel without reception staff? Efficient and guest-friendly.


Controlled access to the guest room
Simply effective:

  • Wide variety of electronic hotel fittings and locks.
  • Smartphone or card instead of room keys.
  • Comprehensive, user-oriented authorization.
  • Authorization for any fitting.
  • Traceability of entries.
  • Programming unit without additional software.
  • Easy conversion of the mechanical locking system.