Access solutions for restaurant areas
How welcoming do access systems have to be? They must be easy to install and then hospitable to use.

Access solutions for restaurant areas

Your culinary offer should not know any limits, not even spatially: Indoor and outdoor restaurant areas are cleverly combined and practically divided. Creatively used glass creates an enjoyable atmosphere. Smooth service plays a vital role: No one wants to be kept waiting in a restaurant. Smooth processes are essential and an important comfort feature.

Your solution

A glass swing door shows openness at all times, without letting bad weather in. Outdoor and indoor areas are united in architecture. Openness and transparency are not excluded: a horizontal sliding wall system like HSW FLEX Therm creates a restaurant area with an open connection to the outdoors in summer, while thermally sealing it in the winter- keeping things running smoothly at the same time. Food is delivered from the kitchen to the table – to satisfied guests – which keeps staff motivated too. Sensor-controlled sliding doors ensure smooth transitions between the restaurant and the kitchen. An interior design that appeals to everyone. 


Access solutions for restaurant areas
Simply effective:

  • Horizontal sliding walls for flexible room structures – e.g. for winter and summer use
    • Thermal division between inside and outside
    • Open, transparent and well-lit interior design
  • Optimized operation between the kitchen and guest room, thanks to automatic sliding door mechanism with LED sensor button.

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