Hotel & Catering
A comfortable future: Integrated access solutions for Hospitality.


From family-run guesthouses, to hostels, resorts and luxury hotel chains, guests everywhere usually expect a little better than they are used to at home. To make this happen, we combined smart mechanics, intelligent mechatronics and digital networking. All this is embedded in a complete service. We think from A to Z for everyone in the hotel and more: for guests, staff, management, decision-makers and investors. After all, hotels are more than just real estate – they move people.

Our solutions for hotels and restaurants:

Main entrance:
Attractive entrance systems for access to the hotel.

Access management and administration for guests and staff:
An overview of all access rights for guests and staff.

Hallways and passageways:
Security and accessibility in corridors and passageways.

Controlled access to the guest room:
Electronic hotel fittings and locks- simple, secure and convenient.

Design and convenience for guest rooms:
Enhanced comfort, thanks to contemporary room systems.

Spa and fitness studio:
Exclusivity and flexibility with aesthetically pleasing access and room systems.

Access control at the reception, to the conference rooms and staff areas:
Reception, conference rooms and staff areas, systematically controlled.

Access solutions for restaurant areas:
Intelligent and flexible access systems for an enjoyable atmosphere.

Versatile accessibility:
Barrier-free access solutions for a variety of requirements.

Customized service packages from planning to main¬tenance of access systems.