Secure access to private rooms
How to offer patients ease of access and a sense of well-being? With innovative, attractive solutions from dormakaba.

Secure access to private rooms

Care facilities like homes for the aged, dementia, special needs and psychiatric patients need to harmonise their residents’ personal and passive security needs. Easily, reliable access control plays a crucial in this. It preserves privacy, while support staff with their daily tasks: our reliable technology lets you easily strike the right balance.

Building types

  • Nursing home
  • Home for dementia patients
  • Behindertenheim
  • Psychiatry

Your solution

Our TouchGo access solution offers more privacy for residents and supports staff with daily tasks. The transponder is carried conveniently in your pocket; access is enabled at a touch. Searching and losing keys is simply no longer an issue. TouchGo makes life easier and more efficient for care staff. You can use TouchGo to secure room doors, treatment rooms, stores, pantries, server rooms, offices or staff rooms.

Secure access to private rooms
Benefits and advantages

  • Enhanced privacy for residents
  • Improved organisation supports staff and leaves them more time to spend with patients
  • User-friendly, secure operation: Hands free – hand as key
  • Smart access – open inside, controlled outside

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