Public visitor areas
How to offer inviting surroundings for customers and stay secure at the same time? With smart solutions from dormakaba.

Public visitor areas

Modern convenience and a feeling of trust are of vital importance in health facilities. You can create a friendly atmosphere with transparent, accessible and pleasantly designed public visitor areas. Furthermore, our innovative technologies and design excellence help you to simplify and improve processes, so everyone enjoys the benefits: patients and their families, staff and of course, you.

Building types

  • Hospital
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical centre
  • Medical practice
  • Retirement home

Your solution

Stylish design. High quality and heavy duty. Our glass units, entrance solutions and door systems let you create an inviting atmosphere combined with practical functions. They provide reception and waiting areas with a structured look, smoothly link different function areas with an air of transparency, and provide ease of access.

Public visitor areas
Benefits and advantages

  • Contemporary, design-oriented solutions for creative modern rooms
  • Attractive, creative concepts for enhanced convenience and an inviting atmosphere
  • Openness, transparency and many different interior design options
  • Coherent exclusive design, high quality materials


Relevant Product groups


Glass systems

Horizontal sliding walls


Electronic Access & Data

Electronic door locks
Electronic cylinders

Entrance Systems

Revolving doors
Automatic sliding doors
Sliding door operator