Property protection
How to increase security and stay flexible at the same time? With comprehensive access solutions from dormakaba.

Property protection

Escape route optimisation. Ensure that residents with high care needs do not leave the grounds unaccompanied: smart protection of your facility premises offers a convincing alternative to conventional building security - effective, easy and economical.

Building types

  • Psychiatry
  • Home for dementia patients
  • Nursing home
  • Pharmaceutical facilities

Your solution

Our turnstiles serie can be easily and cost-effectively integrated into the boundary fencing of your premises and thus into your security concept. Evacuation in emergencies is thus simplified. Care residents can leave the building quickly and wait in safety in the protected grounds. No matter whether with swing or sliding doors: your escape route concept is always guaranteed by our property protection solutions. Additional access control on the boundary fencing also covers all entries. Your access management works easily and efficiently with our reliable technology, which we tailor exactly to your needs.


Property protection
Benefits and advantages

  • Enhanced property protection for facilities with higher security needs
  • Access for authorised persons only
  • Passive personal protection for care residents
  • Escape route concept without escape route security on the building shell
  • Seamless integration into the building structure
  • Easy organisation and secure control of the people flow during shift work, for instance

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