Indoor security
How to easily manage processes and ensure seamless control? With connected systems from dormakaba.

Indoor security

Access to sensitive high-security areas in health facilities like operating theatres, intensive care and nurses’ rooms has to precisely controlled. At the same time, fast, tightly scheduled routines call for easy access. Aside from enhanced security, precise and practical access authorisation also means enhanced efficiency. Reliably organising all these aspects is easy - with our mechanical and electronic solutions.

Building types

  • Hospital
  • Laboratory
  • Psychiatry
  • Medical centre

Your solution

Our access management systems offer an all-in-one solution for access control and organisation in your facility. They can be easily and effectively scaled and implemented for any size of facility and requirements. Surgeries, medical centres, care facilities like homes for the aged, dementia and psychiatric patients can use our solutions to easily and reliably manage their entire mechanical and electronic access system - regardless of the particular nature of their access situation. From the entrance door and high security areas - the medicine cabinet to the key management system - via smartphone, tablet, desktop. Anywhere. Any time, as you like.

Indoor security
Benefits and advantages

  • Enhanced building security thanks to comprehensive access management
  • Modular access system: software, mechanical and electronic locking and security interlock systems
  • Flexible assignment of access rights based on individual requirements
  • Easy and efficient management processes
  • Varied and customised solutions for every access type and security level

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Mechanical Key Systems

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