Emergency access
How to equip facilities easily and smartly? With proven, easy-to-install components from dormakaba.

Emergency access

Emergency access is an important aspect of a facility’s access security. Authorisation and access rights need to be fast and unerring. Constant control and monitoring of the people flow in emergency care is particularly important. Our automated access and communication solutions let you optimise your access control, and organise crucial routines quickly and securely in sensitive areas.

Building types

  • Hospital
  • Clinics

Your solution

Control access by vehicles like ambulances with maximum efficiency while at the same time managing your security processes. Our transponders and long-range readers operate as high performance, cost-efficient identification and communication media: they enable escape route systems and open doors, activate stored processes and alert staff. All your system units thus interact reliably at the right time.

Emergency access
Benefits and advantages

  • Efficient access control for time-critical emergency routines
  • Modular connectable access systems for fast control of patient services and external providers
  • Enhanced security through the seamless control of vehicles in sensitive areas


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