Corridors and passageways
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Corridors and passageways

On the one hand, health facilities with several floors and central stairwells need to comply with strict safety standards, and on the other, satisfy needs for ease of access and operation. This adds up to a host of different tasks for doors, including compliance with statutory regulations. Fire safety must also be ensured for the doors at the end of corridors in such a building. Another special case is the entrance door to doctors’ surgeries, which in many cases also serves as the escape and emergency fire door. On the one hand, it has to be accessible, while on the other, especially late in the evening when only a skeleton staff is present, it has to prevent unauthorised persons entering unnoticed.

Building types

  • Medical centre
  • Medical practice
  • Hospital

Your solution

Our innovative door closing technology and automatic door systems let you control, grant and secure access as the situation demands - from a single door to the entire building. Our ED 100 and ED 250 swing door operators provide innovative solutions which offer your users maximum convenience, ease of operation and reliable protection.

Corridors and passageways
Benefits and advantages

  • Innovative multifaceted solution portfolio for securing buildings and doors and controlling people flows from a single source
  • Smart door systems which comply with fire and smoke protection regulations, accessible building standards that ensure freedom of movement for visitors
  • Barrier-free secure entrances for ease of access
  • A variety of coordinated access solutions for easily accessible rooms
  • Sound planning and advice, and extensive services for implementing your building concept to suit your needs


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