Building security
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Building security

Reliable building shell security is a must. So is controlling who is moving around inside the building - from patients and visitors to staff and service providers. Every access has specific needs and requirements. The securing of escape routes and emergency exits is also crucial to protect the facility from unauthorised access while at the same time ensuring safe evacuation in emergencies.

Building types

  • Hospital
  • Retirement home
  • Medical centre
  • Nursing home

Your solution

Escape route security systems combined with swing doors provide compliant secure building protection, which integrates seamlessly into your property. You thus secure entrances from unauthorised external access, protect property and provide visitors with escape routes in emergencies. Reliably control visitor traffic, secure accesses and manage people flows - easily, flexibly and on demand: with our integrated access control systems, you can reliably and smartly control access to the building and high-security areas  – with a modular all-in-one solution that is perfectly adapted to your situation. You can thus secure entrances as required and easily manage the flow of people in your facility.

Building security
Benefits and advantages

  • Comprehensive organisation of escape route security and access control for the building and high-security areas
  • Standardised security of individual doors through to the control and management of all entrances to the facility, both indoors and outdoors
  • Flexible, tailored access control of visitors, staff and external companies
  • Easy, transparent administration of users, media and door components
  • Modular systems can be extended by add-on options like time recording and media management


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