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Education: Free access and reliable solutions

Schools, universities and other educational institutions are subject to extremely high public footfall. Pupils, students, teaching staff, suppliers, tradesmen, etc. – people come and go throughout the day. This demands secure and, above all, efficient and reliable access solutions.

Diversity and order 

Lecture halls and seminar rooms, cafeterias and sports halls, health centre and residential blocks. Educational institutions offer many things, and are utilised by many people. However, some areas are not intended for public use, so access controls are required, at least in some cases. However, these controls cannot disrupt the normal routine of the facility, and should therefore be as user-friendly as possible.

dormakaba is your contact for secure yet user-friendly access solutions for schools, universities and other educational institutions. We have years of experience in the development of doors and access controls to provide increased security and a smooth flow of traffic. 


  • Building access
    Efficient entrance management system.
  • Car park
    Car park security and efficient parking space management.
  • Bicycle parking
    Protection against theft and vandalism.
  • Lecture hall
    Smart access control systems with automated presence detection.
  • Library
    Integrated access management for libraries.
  • Laboratory
    Security solutions proven under laboratory conditions.
  • Offices
    Protection against theft and vandalism.
  • Server rooms
    The high-tech way to protect IT equipment.
  • Health centre
    Combining easy access and controlled security.
  • Sports centre
    An integrated approach to sports security.
  • Residential units
    Secure and protected entrances.