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Banks and insurance companies: Security and ambience

Banks and insurance buildings demand high levels of security, but should also portray a sense of elegance and prestige. This requires both smart technology and high-quality design.

Discretion and design 

Impressive entrance areas which inspire confidence. Partitions which allow openness but also discretion are almost essential for banks and insurance companies, whilst proper demarcation between publicly accessible areas and security-relevant zones is also extremely important. In general, access control for server rooms necessitates the same levels of security as for the protection of safes and deposit boxes.

dormakaba secures banks and insurance buildings against unauthorised physical and other access, and controls access for customers as well as employees. From car park administration to safe locks.


  • Entrance area
    Impressive entrance areas to meet the highest demands.
  • Customer and employee zones
    Smart room design with controlled access and security against unauthorised access.
  • Car park entrances and car park administration
    Car park security and efficient parking space management.
  • Server rooms
    The high-tech way to protect IT equipment.
  • Security areas
    Security interlock with iris or fingerprint detection system.
  • Offices and conference rooms
    The office concepts of tomorrow.
  • Value protection systems
    Innovative high security solutions.