Zugangs- und Raumtrennwandsysteme mit elegantem Design
How can we make a design statement in a small space? - With modern, flexible and well-thought-out concepts.

Design for shops, restaurants, rental offices, conference rooms and other public areas

Today, non-aviation business, such as restaurants and shops, contributes more to the turnover and success of an airport than the core business. Therefore, a pleasant atmosphere and attractive look are vital in these lucrative areas. This also applies to business areas, such as conference rooms or offices, because a pleasant ambiance boosts staff performance and improves the wellbeing of guests.

Your solution:
dormakaba offers a wide range of attractive, high-quality and welcoming access solutions that also guarantee a high level of security. We amalgamate modern construction materials, such as glass and metal, with the latest technology and premium design. Transparent and flexible room systems are both functional and visually attractive. Horizontal sliding wall systems and movable walls leave plenty of scope for configuring the layout and form clear-cut transitions between areas with different functions. Electronic readers and door locks blend harmoniously into any architectural structure and ensure stringent security. 

Zugangs- und Raumtrennwandsysteme mit elegantem Design

Simply effective:

  • Open-plan, transparent and elegant shop layout using horizontal sliding walls
  • Space-saving and sound-absorbing mobile wall systems for flexible separation of temporarily unused areas
  • Combination of elegant glass door fittings with an electronic lock for controlling access authorisations
  • Stylish access control with cutting-edge registration units and terminals
  • Modern, versatile electronic locks suitable for diverse applications
  • Minimalist, consistent design and barrier-free access: our barrier-free door closers

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