We take care of security in your building.


Airport operation places high demands on infrastructure and equipment. High utilisation, time-critical business and special security requirements necessitate high availability and functionality to ensure a seamless flow of traffic. A disrupted flow of traffic may not only lead to delays, but also incur substantial costs due to missed slots, for example.

Your solution:
Access solutions are critical parts of the infrastructure that are constantly in use and that must function with absolute reliability. Therefore, regular maintenance and fast response times are vital ingredients for a properly functioning airport. For this reason, we at dormakaba provide a dependable service that goes beyond simple maintenance and repair tasks. Our customer service team is made up of experienced, highly-qualified and trained service technicians. We offer training courses during which your staff will learn to fix minor issues independently. We can also monitor the status of your doors and provide suitable consulting services to ensure that your systems are always in line with the latest technological standards.  


Simply effective:

  • Diverse range of services including Entrance Systems, Door Hardware, Electronic Access & Data as well as Lodging Systems
  • Comprehensive range of services: maintenance, repairs, spare parts, installation, upgrades and modernisation, updates and consulting as well as training
  • Available around the clock
  • Maximum reliability and security thanks to regular maintenance and the fast response times of our customer service
  • Highly professional and experienced advisors
  • Staff training to enable employees to remedy minor issues quickly

dormakaba Service - Our innovative services make life 'smart' and safe for our customers and end users.