What’s the best way to get passengers on board? - Quickly and comfortably.


Quick boarding is vital for a smooth flow of passengers, not least in order to minimise costly airline downtime. Passenger safety and care must also be guaranteed.

Your solution:
Seamless, automated self-boarding verification provides an additional layer of security directly at the gate and is more convenient for passengers. Our e-gates work quickly and with maximum precision to support ground staff. A real plus for passengers: staff have more time to deal with any major or minor issues. Optional integrated biometric technology also links individual features with the boarding pass to guarantee that only passengers booked on the respective flight can embark.


Simply effective:

  • Reduced waiting times for faster passenger flow
  • Passengers enter the correct aircraft
  • Ground staff have more time for other tasks
  • First class and business class passengers are checked separately
  • Compatible with all biometric methods
  • Certified for all CUTE systems

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