Flughafensicherheit / Sicherheitsbereiche am Flughafen
How can we fulfil high security standards? - Using modern access control technologies.

Restricted areas in the airport

Most airports need to secure countless access points across the site and manage the access of an incalculable number of persons, e.g. airport staff. And all of this must be done in line with legal requirements: airport operators must always be able to guarantee and verify that all access points are controlled. 

Access to the relevant areas must only be granted to authorised persons at the permitted times according to various security levels. Further areas also require comprehensive, reliable solutions to meet strict security standards, such as perimeter security, customs exits and the visitor’s terrace. The latest dormakaba technologies guarantee the highest levels of security throughout the airport.

Access control for airport staff

Entrances and exits for airport staff are often distributed across various sections of the building around the sensitive and often unmonitored dividing line between restricted and public areas.

Your solution:
dormakaba provides comprehensive, reliable solutions for the most stringent security requirements, including sensor barriers, revolving security doors, interlock units and barriers. For example, Orthos personal interlocks feature weighing scales, ID card readers and optional integrated biometric technology to offer the highest level of security.

Zugangskontrolle für das Flughafenpersonal

Simply effective:

  • Secure access for monitored areas with personal interlocks Orthos PIL-C01
  • Contact mats for high security
  • Additional security through the use of weighing scales for weight limits or actual weight
  • Resistance classes RC2/WK2, WK3 and up to WK4 in cubic interlocks
  • Elegant glass systems
  • Low space requirement

Perimeter security

Airport perimeter security is an enormous task that can only be met by the smart deployment of physical protective measures and automated controls.

Your solution:
dormakaba full-height turnstiles are a smart solution for securing the entire perimeter of the airport. A combination of electronic access control and advanced biometric technology guarantees maximum security levels without any monitoring staff being required.


Simply effective:

  • Reliable ground security with integrated turnstiles
  • Tall Kentaur turnstiles equipped with access control components: secure outdoor areas reliably.
  • Software-based access control of staff with electronic registration units

Customs exit

One exit with three requirements: Smooth one-way passenger flow. No turning back. No unauthorised access from outside.

Your solution:
Fully automatic swing doors are hugely convenient for passengers with luggage trolleys and suitcases. They also reliably block the path in the other direction.


Simply effective:

  • High reliability
  • Strict security as the opposite direction is blocked
  • Barrier-free access possible
  • Highly convenient automatic doors
  • Elegant, transparent design

Visitor terrace

Visitor terraces are popular with guests across the world. They often require special functions to control the flow of visitors while still ensuring the safety of guests and staff alike.

Your solution:
Two entrance functions of this kind are an automatic limit on the number of visitors and a payment function. Further functions can also be implemented. For example, we offer space-saving turnstile systems that reliably allow one person at a time to enter the terrace.


Simply effective:

  • High reliability
  • Optimum flow of traffic
  • Transparent, appealing design
  • Space-saving double unit

Comprehensive access control solutions

Security also relies on innovative, reliable hardware and software. Airport security requirements are extremely complex and very stringent. So, smart yet easy-to-use solutions must be found.

Your solution:
Our electronic access control systems are the perfect blend of form, flexibility and function. Our comprehensive range of networked access solutions, electronic access control systems and wireless and standalone access systems is designed to secure access throughout the airport. We provide a wide range of hardware and software systems with cutting-edge security functions that enable you to manage, audit and lockdown specific systems, control access and track access data in your security network for any number of users.

Depending on the specific requirements a infrastructure has, it may be more efficient to secure security assets with a master key system. Increased access points result in multiple locks that require efficient security management. A master key system can deliver solutions for even the most complex access management challenges and helps maintain better control, saves key replacement costs and is convenient, as there are a lower number of keys in circulation.

Umfassende Zutrittskontrolllösungen

Simply effective:

  • Improved site security
  • Access only for authorised persons
  • Seamless integration in the building structure
  • Simple, flexible organisation and secure monitoring of the flow of traffic

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