Zugang zur Business-Lounge
How can we combine exclusivity with reliability and design? - With a holistic solution.

Business lounge access

First class and business class passengers and frequent flyers expect the business lounge 
to be peaceful and exclusive, offering premium service and outstanding hospitality. Airports require elegant solutions that provide the highest levels of security whilst making a design statement.

Your solution:
dormakaba’s business lounge e-gates control access permissions to business lounges reliably, quickly and conveniently. Only members are granted access. Automated, contactless verification of each individual’s access authorisation is paramount for this special area. It reduces the staff workload and gives staff members more time for personal customer care. Upgrade your lounge with further automated dormakaba solutions, such as our sliding doors or mobile walls, for improved accessibility, flexibility and intelligent utilisation of space.

Zugang zur Business-Lounge

Simply effective:

  • Rapid flow of traffic thanks to access with zero waiting time
  • Keep up with the latest technological standards by using our new user-friendly, bi-directional, e-gates in a modern design
  • Automatic sliding doors for easy access and a welcoming reception
  • Exclusive and fast access for authorised persons using our automatic sensor barriers for business lounges
  • Mobile partition wall systems have structural benefits and are easy to use
  • Contemporary, modern access systems make a design statement

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