Boarding Route Management
How long does it take to activate a safe boarding route? Less than 30 seconds.

Boarding Route Management

Maintaining the highest level of security, whilst ensuring efficiency and still offering the best experience to passengers and airlines alike, is probably the greatest challenge faced by airports. Automating key processes with Boarding Route Management (BRM) enables a smooth user journey throughout the entire airport building.

Our solution:
The dormakaba BRM system allows secure and fast boarding and disembarking for the best travel experience. The efficient door control system can be connected to all relevant standard airport systems, for example the flight schedule and escape route management. In case of an emergency it ensures the safe escape of passengers and staff. The intuitive BRM Terminal enables easy configuration and activation of boarding routes on site.

Boarding Route Management

  • Fast boarding and disembarking without security breaches
  • Simultaneously controlled doors for a smooth and secure passenger flow
  • Automated processes enhance the overall speed and security of boarding routes
  • Shorter waiting times and improved customer care 
  • Elegant, intuitive and easily configurable control terminal
  • We create your individual BRM solution with our broad portfolio of hardware and software

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