How can we achieve maximum security at the entrance to the boarding area? - With maximum precision and convenience for all.

Boarding pass control

The safety of passengers and staff is paramount, particularly in light of the steadily increasing number of travellers and security threats. This applies both when en route to restricted areas and when crossing borders. Only those who are actually permitted to enter must be allowed to do so, but then the procedure must be quick and easy. We provide efficient automated solutions for just this purpose.

Your solution:
The core of the boarding pass control system is our space-saving automatic boarding gates that facilitate convenient, reliable and seamless access control. The sensor system protects users and only allows one passenger at a time to pass through. It also detects any luggage or trolley bags. This solution relieves the workload of security staff, effectively leaving them with more capacity free to concentrate on passenger needs. State-of-the-art biometric systems further increase both security and convenience. 


Simply effective:

  • Swift passenger flow thanks to access control with zero waiting time
  • Exclusive access for authorised persons
  • Airport staff have more time for other tasks
  • Priority access (first class and business class passengers and frequent flyers)
  • Priority access for staff
  • Detailed report sent to a higher-level system in case of jostling, attempts to bypass the barrier or pass through it from the wrong direction

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