Automatisierte Grenzkontrolle/ One-Way Korridore
How can we simplify border control? - With more time for the essentials.

Automated Border Control (ABC)

Passport control is one of the security areas in which automated systems can provide a range of benefits. They ensure a smoother flow of passengers, reduce the workload of border officials and help to detect invalid or counterfeit documents.

Your solution:
dormakaba automated passport control systems support border officials. This gives officers more time for spot checks and for dealing with unusual cases. Cutting-edge biometric functions can be integrated to improve both security and convenience: these are usually contactless processes that quickly check whether the person in question is the rightful holder of the passport. Only authorised persons may pass, simply by looking into the camera. 

Automatisierte Grenzkontrolle
Simply effective:

  • Automated passport control for fast and secure support of border officials
  • Reduces waiting time
  • Fast, contactless access control
  • Biometric verification prevents the misuse of travel documents
  • Ensures smooth passenger flow with direct referral if manual inspection is required
  • Compatible with all conventional biometric methods