Flughafensicherheit / Sicherheitsbereiche am Flughafen
What does it take to make your airport safer for everyone? -Systems that comply with legal requirements and detailed expertise.

Airport safety

No other type of building is expected to withstand such loads and be so perfectly designed and monitored as an airport. An important criterion when planning airport infrastructure is to enable passengers to escape from the building in emergencies while at the same time preventing people from entering restricted areas.

Your solution:
Structural conditions, legal requirements and security demands call for intelligent solutions. We offer integrated, innovative technologies for precisely this purpose, especially for sensitive applications such as fire safety and escape route systems. These include our tried and tested automatic doors with emergency exit and escape route systems: as soon as smoke detectors are triggered, the doors open automatically clearing the emergency exits and the smoke outlets. 


Simply effective:

  • Comprehensive range for securing airport buildings, doors and the flow of passengers
  • Door systems that comply with fire and smoke protection regulations and barrier-free design standards
  • dormakaba SafeRoute emergency exit security system for reliable and safe management of doors within a system
  • Innovative automatic solutions for easy access
  • The TS 98 XEA Ubivis battery-powered hold-open unit with integrated smoke detector enhances safety and is simple to install
  • Reliable ED 200 revolving door drive for fire doors with permanent opening function
  • Comprehensive planning and consulting services to suit individual requirements

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