Zugang zum Flughafengebäude
When does an airport entrance show its strengths? - From the very first minute.

Airport entrance

First experiences are as important as first impressions. The passenger process begins the second the traveller enters the airport. For this reason, the entrance solution must work smoothly, and the atmosphere must be welcoming. People who can begin their journey in a relaxed manner will be glad to return.

Your solution:
And this is precisely where dormakaba comes in with custom, automated access solutions that are certified and tested in line with international standards. Their combination of great durability, versatility and modern design makes them unique. Insulation of interior areas is also an important issue, particularly with regard to energy efficiency. Automatic sliding door systems contribute significantly to a building’s energy balance. Revolving doors combine barrier-free design, transparency and thermal insulation in a single solution. Both systems are highly functional and elegant solutions that provide a high level of convenience.

Zugang zum Flughafengebäude

Simply effective:

  • Barrier-free solutions for a non-stop passenger flow
  • Suitable for a high volume of passengers
  • Large selection of spacious and elegant automatic entrance systems, such as our KTC revolving doors with integrated sliding doors
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient systems for thermal insulation of airport buildings: automatic sliding doors
  • Optional: version approved for use on emergency exits and escape routes

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