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Airports: Dynamic and highly complex

Airports are highly complex facilities –practically a small town in many cases – providing access to national and international air travel. Every day, business travellers and holiday makers arrive and depart, and they demand high standards of service and comfort. In this context there is a need for smart, reliable and efficient access and control systems which allow the smooth handling of passenger traffic. One thing is paramount however: security.

Secure and user-friendly

Security requirements in airports have significantly increased in recent years. Airport operators face the task of maximising the daily flow of pedestrians through the terminals, whilst maintaining this high level of security; this applies in particular to access control and passport checks. Passengers, visitors and employees expect these controls to be quick and user-friendly.

dormakaba specialises in secure yet convenient solutions for airports and other transport buildings. Many years of experience in developing and installing access control systems and specialist customer service in airports ensure enhanced security, efficient pedestrian passage and optimised slot management.


  • Building access
    Energy-saving revolving doors.
  • Access and building management
    Mechanical closing systems and electronic access management solutions.
  • Access to air-/landside
    One-way interlocks which prevent unauthorised return.
  • Protected areas
    Robust, modular and practical turnstiles.
  • Access to the VIP lounge
    Automated, easy access to the lounge. No waiting times.
  • Entrance to the visitor terrace
    For secure access and optimal visitor flow.
  • Automated Boarding Pass Control
    Automated Boarding Pass Control for an efficient flow of passengers.
  • Self-boarding
    Improves time slot allocation and reduces boarding time.
  • Automated Border Control
    Shorter queues, increased security, improved efficiency.
  • Customs exit
    Fully automated, efficient, secure, practical.
  • Employee access control
    Flexible solutions with physical access and access control readers.
  • Time and attendance recording
    Efficient time management which is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Shop
    Well-designed, high-quality door solutions.
  • Duty Free
    Creative solutions for individual requirements.
  • Accessible toilet facilities
    Convenient and secure.