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dormakaba's full product portfolio in one app

In the virtual world of the dormakaba 360° City app, we show you where and how dormakaba's broad product portfolio can be used.

The multi-award-winning app now offers you access to even more products, including the following new features:

  • New generation of door closers  
  • Battery-operated catch system TS98 XEA Ubivis 
  • Sliding rail door closer TS 92 XEA
  • Fully automated movable glass dividing wall: Varitrans Straightline ComfortDrive
  • Fully automated movable dividing wall: Variflex 88/100 ComfortDrive 
  • XEA design rosettes and signs added to the OGRO portfolio

This app provides further support to help you plan your projects in the form of illustrations in a 3D environment from the perspective of a user – using detailed information about the entire door and locking technology product portfolio.

Selling points, exploded views, configuration options for surfaces or materials, fact sheets, films and pictures.
Available in 12 different languages and country-specific versions.

Thanks to the app, the dormakaba 360° City is also available as a Virtual Reality experience.

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