Vision Range Leversets

  • 1/208300/6 PRIVACY SET PAIR BLK

  • 1/208300/6 PASSAGE SET PAIR PC

  • 1/208300/1 PASSAGE SET PAIR BLK

  • 1/208300/1 PASSAGE SET PAIR PC

  • 1/208300/8 PASSAGE SET PAIR BLK

  • 1/208300/8 PRIVACY SET PAIR PC

  • 1/208300/9 PASSAGE SET PAIR BLK

  • 1/208300/9 PRIVACY SET PAIR PC

  • 1/208300/10 PASSAGE SET PAIR BLK

  • 1/208300/10 PASSAGE SET PAIR PC

  • 1/208300/12 PRIVACY SET PAIR BLK

  • 1/208300/12 PRIVACY SET PAIR PC

  • 1/208300/14 PRIVACY SET PAIR BLK

  • 1/208300/14 PRIVACY SET PAIR PC

  • 1/208300/16 PRIVACY SET PAIR BLK

  • 1/208300/16 PRIVACY SET PAIR PC

  • 1/208300/17 PRIVACY SET PAIR BLK

  • 1/208300/17 PRIVACY SET PAIR PC

  • 1/208300/18 PASSAGE SET PAIR BLK

  • 1/208300/18 PASSAGE SET PAIR PC

Product Summary

dormakaba's Vision Range is the perfect fusion of innovative engineering, eye-catching design and durability. Technically superior, an ideal upgrade for customers looking for quality door hardware with an edge. Produced to meet the aesthetics of the multi-residential, light commercial and institutional building segment. These models are also available with an integral privacy button, designed for bathroom and bedroom door applications.


Product Details

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