Urban Range Leversets

  • 1/164300/40T

  • 1/164400/40T

  • 1/164300/45T

  • 1/164400/45T

  • 1/164300/55T

  • 1/164400/55T

  • 1/164300/70T

  • 1/164400/70T

  • 1/164300/75T

  • 1/164400/75T

  • 1/164300/80T

  • 1/164400/80T

  • 1/164300/85T

  • 1/164400/85T

  • 1/164300/60T

  • 1/164400/60T

Product Summary

The dormakaba Urban Range of Leversets, created from 316 Grade Tubular Stainless Steel have the same style and contemporary good looks as our Premium Ranges. Expertly made to ensure lifelong use and endless appeal with excellent loadability for use for use in both commercial projects and residential applications.

Product Details

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