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DRS / Header / Dri-Fit®

Rails, Headers, Glazing Systems

Innovative design, quality materials, and the finest workmanship allow dormakaba's Rails and Header Systems to meet the most demanding conditions. The systems have been independent-laboratory tested for holding force addressing most any climate conditions.

  • Innovative design and quality material
  • Five stock finishes available
  • Dri-Fit system simplifies glazing installation
  • Header system incorporates overhead concealed door closers
  • DRS rail system for easy and quick door assembly

Product details

DRS Rail System

The DRS Rail System, the original clamp-on rail system from dormakaba, allows for the easiest and quickest door assembly of any rail system on the market. Simply clamp the rails onto a piece of tempered glass or clamp and glue onto tempered laminated glass and the system is ready for installation. The system allows for job-site door height adjustment to compensate for irregularities in the door opening. Additionally, the snap-on rail covers need not be installed until job inspection, reducing the possibility of job site construction damage.

Header System

The popularity of concealed overhead closers has led dormakaba to furnish fully fabricated headers for every door and sidelite configuration. The Header System, which incorporates RTS88 overhead concealed door closers, offer the perfect solution for those who prefer the aesthetic advantages of a concealed closer. The design of the system allows for a glazing pocket to be snapped into the header tube to permit a seamless transition to the sidelite glazing. The Dri-Fit gasket is used for quick and easy installation.

Dri-Fit System

The Dri-Fit system simplifies glazing installation. The intelligently designed Dri-Fit gasket is used in sidelite rails, header tube glazing pockets, and u-channels. Dri-Fit sidelite rails are offered to match door profiles, plus a complete range of saddles to match clearances. For easy glazing that eliminates the need to use silicone during glass installation, top and bottom Dri-Fit U-channels are also available.

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