Product Summary

Programmable Multi-User, Multi-Compartment Safe Locks
The Smart Series products offer advanced features for controlling safe access. SmartLinc, SmartLinc II and SmartPoint® together make up the LA GARD Smart Series. Retail, banking and commercial environments require safe locking systems that provide the highest form of security and access control; the system must be durable and accurate, offer efficiencies to enhance employee productivity, yet ensure accountability. These features are the foundation of the LA GARD Smart Series.

The Smart Series offers a range of features: multiple master codes, 8-98 users, user role assignment and the ability to manage up to five locks from a single logic module.

Accountability is more than a deterrent; it's the strongest weapon available to prevent internal theft. The Smart Series provides accountability through indisputable audit information. The advanced features of SmartLinc II and SmartPoint offer up to 4000 audit events in each lock and 1000 system events at the logic module.

Ensuring your employees' safety and security is paramount. Features like the Silent Signal Duress Alarm, Time Lock scheduling and Time Delay allow for time controlled access and warnings to be sent in the event of a robbery. 

For a complete list of options and accessories, please refer to our List Price Book.

9150 SmartLinc II Entry Chrome Finish
9260 SmartPoint Entry
9160 SmartPoint Entry Black Finish

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