Product Summary

The new standard in safe locks 

Axessor Apexx IP 

Axessor Apexx will deliver a multi-lock, IP-connected safe lock solution. When used in conjunction with the Apexx Series Software, an organization can remotely manage an entire fleet of lock systems. Axessor Apexx allows you to move from a collection of standalone locks to a scalable and fully networked lock management platform. 

Ideal for growing financial and retail institutions who need the efficiency and convenience of a networked and unified safe lock solution, while maintaining the highest security standards. 

  • Industry Leading Security
  • Remote Lock Management
  • Real Cost Savings

Product Details

Industry Leading Security 

  • Advanced security encryption
    • TLS 1.3 network encryption
    • AES256 lock to keypad encryption
  • Receive active alerts
  • Remotely set security parameters

Remote Lock Management

  • Add, delete and modify user access to any lock across sites
  • Easily accommodate floating personnel
  • Receive audits from the lock in near-real time
  • Quickly and easily view and manage a directory of users: with their lock access, settings, and permissions

Real Cost Savings

  • Eliminate costly service changes for
    • Code changes, audit data pulls
  • Limit delays in managing users and audits
  • Mitigate loss risk by receiving timely alerts

Technical Details


  • VdS, UL, ECB-S, CNPP, A2P, CE, SBSC(Pending)

Network & Encryption

  • HTTPS Protocol TLS 1.3 for ethernet connection
  • Key exchange by ECDSA 256 bit Can bus
  • Data transfer symmetric encryption AES256
  • Built on RESTful API for simplified integration into company software systems

Software System Requirements

  • Installation on your secure network or Windows (10/11)
  • SQL 19


  • Backlit, OLED Display, Icon driven UI, BLE/RFID ready option


Lock Options

  • Motorized Deadbolt, and Latch Bolt options

Multi Lock Capacity

  • Up to 16 locks, 2 keypad, and a single ebox per lock system 

User Capacity

  • Up to 1000 users per lock system

Power Management 

  • AC Line and POE options available; battery backup; USB-C emergency Power 

Lock System Features 

  • Combo length: 1-10 ID +6-12 PIN 
  • Duress Alarm
  • Programmable Time Lock 
  • Dual User Mode (override)
  • Time Delay (override) 
  • Sequentuial Open (multi-lock) 
  • Wrong Try Penalty

Audit Data

  • Automatically pushed to software on near real-time basis
  • Downloadable to CSV or PDF 

Automated Alerts

  • Set in software, options include: duress, door open, immediate time lock
  • More available with API Integration

Software Enabled Special Security Settings 

  • Holiday Schedules, Lockout Schedules, Dual Mode Activation, Opening and Dress Time Delays

Active Directory 

  • Dynamically maintained in Apexx Series Software


Financial Institution: Cash Safes,Teller Cash Recycler, Teller Cash Dispenser, Night Drop, Coin Machine

Retail: Cellular, Pharmacy, Cash in Advance Stores

Axessor Apexx IP
Axessor Apexx IP
Axessor Apexx IP

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