Product Summary

In today’s wired world, people carry a wide array of expensive electronic devices, and they want a safe and secure place to store them and other valuables when away from home. dormakaba has the solution with a complete line of in-room safes that combine impeccable construction, security, and user-friendly operation. These safes are ideal for hotels, resorts, apartments, student housing, offices, and more. 

  • Programmable personal code entry
  • Illuminated electronic keypad
  • Audit Trail
  • Battery override unit

Product Details

  • Electronic keypad Provides guests with digital access for locking and unlocking the safe 
  • Various models and sizes available 

Technical Details

  • Battery Override: the ECU allows access to the safe if battery failure occurs 
  • Quick access battery panel: Standard AA alkaline batteries are housed behind an access panel inside the door so that there is no need to remove the entire door cover for battery replacement. 
  • Emergency Control Unit: An easy-to-use handheld unit can be programmed with up to 64 unique 4 digit passwords to be used as the safe opening code. 
  • Audit Trail: The ECU allows to download the last 240 entries, showing who used the safe and in which room. This data may be viewed and printed via the safe audit software. 

In-room safes

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